Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Legal Advice: Catholic Church Offer Free (Church) Marriage Annulment In The Philippines

Marriage is the joining of two individual but for others this holy sacrament for religious people is that it unites a man and a woman as one in God. In Christian churches they have a vow that states:

“I take you, as my lawful wife/husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer. Till death do us part”

Many of us tried our best on finding a lifetime partner, a spouse, a family. Some are less lucky on this matter but others took this for granted.

Some are forced to get married on the early age because of unwanted pregnancy. Religiously for Catholics, marriage is sacred sacrament that cannot be separated by law and be ignored.

Some says to have a lasting marriage listen to elders that says “marriage is like planting a tree. You need to nurture it so it can grow and bare fruits”.

But let’s face it, some of the married couples Catholics or not spend a lot of money, extravagance, popularity, and fame on their church or civil wedding and ending up in break up.

That is why many seeks a way to make it wright through law.

Annulment is the only way for some as it is the only available for the last decade or more but this is a long term process in the Philippines. “Pope Francis announced the decision of making the process of annulment be shorten in the Catholic church weddings.

The new Catholic Church also announced that the annulment cases will be simplified and free. Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz together with Catholic Bishop Conference of the Phil (CBCP) declared it publicly that they are applauding the news.”

“However, According to Atty. Lorna Kapunan, the said annulment is only for the church but in the eyes of the civil law they are still married.”

“This news will only benefit those catholic couple who are long separated and living with other partners. In Catholics point of view, they will not be living in sin.”

Marriage is not a game that you can actually decides in a simple manner, this requires a deep understanding and more prayer.

It’s not a game that is when you know that you are losing you already wanted to quit. Learn to fight and be responsible to the person who wholeheartedly answer “I do” on your sacred ceremony


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