Wednesday, 5 December 2018

LOOK: 10 Shape Of Your Navel That Reveals Your Personality

The navel, also known as the belly button is a hollowed or sometimes raised area on the abdomen at the attachment site of the umbilical cord. This is one of the parts of the body that is given less attention unless it needs cleaning. Did you know that navel shape tells the person’s health as well as the character?
What About Your Health?
Navel Like A Button – If you are having a bulge of the button that is more noticeable than usual, it could indicate that you lift something that weighed a lot. There may be a risk of a hernia.
Little Bulge – People having this type of navel means that you are more likely to get flu virus.
Tucked Belly Button – People with this type of a navel have weight problems. As well, they are likely to get a flu virus.
Looks Like An Almond – People with this type of a navel are prone to experiencing pain in the muscles as well as migraines. Likewise, the people have weakness in the bones.
Bulged With A U Form – This type of a belly button looks very nice. However, people who have this shape are prone to having skin and kidney illnesses. And, children have fewer chances of being born with genetic abnormalities.
What About Your Character?
1. Round Shape
People who have round and deep navel tend to look at the positive things. They are optimistic and have good communication skills that bring good relationships with family and friends, and frequently get help. They also have luck when it comes to money.
2. Big Shape
People with deep and big navel have good luck. They are generous, wise, and excellent in management. There is a possibility that they would fail at a young age, but they would be very successful in their 40s.
3. Shallow Shape
People who have small and shallow navel are weak, negative, and tend not to finish what they’ve started. They need more positivity in life.
4. Protruding Shape
People with this type of navel are stubborn. They wanted to be self-centered and are frequently used by other people.
5. Upward Shape
People with upward, big, as well as the deep navel, have the perfect shape. They are happy, have good relationships with people, energetic, and got a lot of chances to succeed.
6. Downward Shape
People who have a downward navel are less energetic and leave a lot of work unfinished.
7. Oval Shape
People with an oval shape of a navel are unstable, overthinker, and miss many opportunities.
8. Wide Shape
People who have wide navel are often vigilant, suspicious, and strong-willed. They should be more expressive and open to get a good luck.
9. Circular Shape
People who have a circular shape of a navel easily fall in love. In choosing a partner, they should look for someone with a good navel shape. They also need to be careful when it comes to their health.
10. Downward V Shape
People with this kind of navel tend to have good financial, family, and health. They lead good and stable lives.
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