Tuesday, 26 February 2019

WATCH | Misis sinundan ang sasakyan ng kanyang asawa sa partking lot at nahuli niya ang kabit nito sa loob ng kotse.

It is usual in a relationship that there are many temptations, hardships, and struggles, together in your journey but a strong and persevere couple can win the battle against all odds. It is very important in a relationship the trust, respect, loyalty, and dedication that the couple must have remembered a woman has an instinct to detect and determine if her partner was doing an inappropriate action especially concerning with their relationship. It is compared to a mother that understand regarding the condition and situation of her child. The wife instinct is the condition that the wife smells something fishy about her husband if he has to have an inappropriate affair with another woman.


In Thailand, a woman followed her instinct and fortunately her husband was captured by her wife along with the mistress. At first, she followed the car that her husband along with another woman riding in a motorcycle, waiting for the perfect timing to capture her husband and the other woman that surprised them in her action against them.

The car stopped and her husband went out it is now the perfect timing to do her task. After the car is near, she discovered the other woman in the revealing outfit with her hair covering her face in trying to cover while she was openly caught. The wife forcibly grabbed the mistress out of the car but the other woman stayed inside the car because it is the safest place in this situation. The wife has the chance to get the bag of the mistress and check for its content.

As usual, she discovered a piece of condoms and a lot of stimulating drugs intended for lovemaking, highlighting the type of woman she was and the relationship of her husband with the other woman. While the wife smashes the woman with a harsh word and attempting to expose the identity and the face of the mistress by her camera, a hero comes to the rescue attempting to save the situation and prevent his wife from doing her revenge narrating that it was only a mere misunderstanding and ignore the situation.


Rather of comforting the wife, the husband immediately drives the car along with his mistress and leave the poor wife alone. In a relationship, it is the voluntary choice between the partners but it should have a responsibility as a couple. It is built of two people who project their mind in a single goal to spend the time together and it should be nourished and defended. What can you say about this incident? Should the wife insist herself be with her husband? Kindly share your comments, reactions,
and opinions with us.

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