Tuesday, 19 March 2019

WATCH | Kalaro ni Mister ng Basketball, KaTrabaho at Kalaro ni Misis?

Sean Paulo de Guzman is many things-- he is a homebased freelancer, who also plays basketball on the side. But he is also very smart-- just wait until you find out how he actually caught his wife having a loving relationship with another man!

Now let's talk about Sean's wife. Her name is Charlene Rei Gigante, and works as a nurse. She has a rather close relationship with her colleagues, so much so that she gets late in going home after spending lots of time with them. This gave Sean some doubts that she might be having something more than friendship with a certain guy from work-- a pharmacist named Michael Angelo Asebuche.

Michael is actually not a stranger as far as Sean is concerned. They have laid up some hoops together in the hard court. What he doesn't realize is that Michael is not just his playmate-- but also his wife's!

He had some intuition about this, though. He started feeling envious of the time Charlene spends with her colleague. Still, his wife would often reassure him, saying she doesn't like Michael because he's a rough guy with a lot of tattoos. This did not reassure Sean one bit. That's why when he got home one day and saw Charlene sleeping soundly, Sean had an idea.

Charlene's phone was locked, but it kept buzzing, as if someone has been flooding her with messages. That's when Sean had the genius idea to use his sleeping wife's dangling hand to get to her phone through the fingerprint lock.

That's when he got to confirm the worst. Her beloved wife, has been sleeping with another man-- who was also married! This hit Sean like a truck since they have a child, and since he has also taken as his own Charlene's two kids from a previous relationship.

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