Wednesday, 13 March 2019

LOOK | Mga NETIZENS ang Umalma sa Proposal na Gagawin Dalawa ang Plaka at Malalaki pa?

The netizens took to the social media to express their anger towards the two senators who proposed the two license plate.

Last year, the Senate proposed a bill that requires all motorcycles to have a bigger license plate to be readable from 12 to 15 meters away.

The bill authored by Senators Richard Gordon and Vicente Sotto III is called Senate Bill 1397 or the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act of 2017.

Photo Source: Philippine Star

Every region will have a specific color scheme and an alphanumeric system to identify the codes and numbers easily.

“Motorcycles have become crime machines. With their small plate numbers, criminals perpetrating crimes while on board motorcycles easily flee from the scene of the crime and usually there are no witnesses who can read or identify plate numbers so that the authorities can go after the criminals,” said Richard Gordon.

Photo Source: Top Gear Philippines

Meanwhile, a motorcyclist named RG Russel Atanacio and some netizens took to the social media to express his anguish towards the senators who proposed the bill.

Atanacio said the government can’t even release their license plate that they’ve been waiting for three years, and now they request to add another plate to be placed on their motorcycle.

Photo Source: @RG Russel Atanacio FB

On his post, he encouraged his fellow motorcyclist not to vote Senators Dick Gordon and Vicente Sotto on the election.

Photo Source: @RG Russel Atanacio FB

He stated that adding another plate number won’t resolve the crime in the streets. He said adding more policeman in the streets and CCTV would be better.

Photo Source: @RG Russel Atanacio FB

Several netizens showed their support on the Facebook post of Atanacio. Here are some of their comments on the post:

JB Bona: “No to duoble plate”

Jayrich Botor Batacan: “Hindi ko talaga iboboto yan.. wala na sila uupoan sa dami nating motorist”

Joey De Alday: “Tama yan sir my karapatan naman tayo bilang isang motorista at mamayan ng ating bansa..ipaglaban natin to!”

Source: Philnews/Facebook


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