Wednesday, 27 March 2019

LOOK | Woman warns netizens against a man who allegedly attempted to break in their house

A woman shared her experience to warn the netizens, According to her, she saw a man on their doorstep and was said to be peeking into their house, The man said he was looking for the woman's husband and asked for a glass of water

A netizen took to Facebook to give warning to other netizens regarding a man who tried to break into their house. The Facebook user named Eiren Alonte‎ shared pictures of the said man who was looking creepy outside their door.

According to Alonte, the man said he was looking for the woman's husband and introduced himself as Noel Mendoza. The man was allegedly peeping into their house at around 3:30 p.m.

The woman wanted to make sure and said she has to call her husband first to confirm. The man then asked for water to drink and tried to enter their house.

The suspecting wife asked the man if he knows her husband's name. However, the stranger insisted on coming in prompting the woman to close the door. She also learned that the man had long been peeping through the windows.

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Source: Facebook/KAMI


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