Monday, 25 March 2019

WATCH | Isinisisi ni Mystica kay Idol Raffy ang pagkawala ng kanyang Career, kaya Tutong na kanin nalang ang kanyang kinakain

Earlier this week, Ruby Rose Villanueva, more popularly known as Mystica, was involved in a dispute with Raffy Tulfo. The 90’s star sought help from Tulfo’s “Wanted sa Radyo” program against Drew Olivar and Nino Barzaga, but their encounter ended with an unfortunate misunderstanding.

According to Mystica, she was only forced by Tulfo’s staff to reconciliate with Drew and Nino. Because of this, she called the “Wanted sa Radyo” program anti-women. Raffy Tulfo responded by saying Mystica needed professional help for her mental health, which they can no longer provide.

Later on, the 90’sstar uploaded a video on Facebook claiming that Raffy Tulfo wrecked her career, forcing her to eat nothing but burnt rice.

“Dahil wala na akong trabaho at wala narin akong career sa showbiz kasi sinira ni Raffy Tulfo… Puro tutong nalang ang pagkain ko. Tinanggalan na ‘ko ng career, ng profession, tinanggalan pa ko ng pagkain. Dati toyo ang ulam ko, ngayon tutong nalang.”

The 90’s star thought that she could use the power of social media as a leverage, but her plans backfired. Instead of gaining sympathy from the people just as she had planned, Mystica was bashed by the netizens.

Most people on Facebook claim that Mystica was only using her videos to gain sympathy. If that’s the case, then it’s clearly not working because instead of pacifying her critics, Mystica angered them even more.

Watch the Video Here:

Here are some of the netizens comments:

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Source: Faceboo/Ruby Villanueva


  1. ano pinag lalaban mo miss tutung pati utak mo natutung na