Thursday, 28 March 2019

WATCH | Kasambahay na Nailigtas ang isang Sanggol sa Pabagsak na kisame!

There are a lot of mothers who leave their precious children to nannies whom they trust. Contrary to the different news that’s being circulated online regarding the bad treatment of nannies towards their employer’s children, there are still a whole bunch of responsible helpers who take the welfare of their wards at heart.

In a CCTV footage which is being circulated on Facebook, a nanny can be seen looking through the window while the baby she’s taking care of is inside the stroller.

Minutes later, the woman run outside and grab the baby from the stroller. Just as they went out of the door, the entire ceiling collapse and hit the stroller where the baby was resting just a minute ago.

If the nanny picked the baby a bit late, even just for a minute, the baby could face serious injuries and worst, pass away.

The nanny was so keen that something bad is about to happen and acted accordingly. Because of that, she successfully saved a baby’s life.

 Netizens flooded kind words into the nanny who saved the baby. The nationality of the woman remains unknown but there are netizens who thinks that she is a Filipina.

No matter what the nationality, kudos to the nanny who was unhesitant to save the poor baby.

Watch the Video Here:

Here are some of the netizens comments:

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