Thursday, 14 March 2019

WATCH | Lalaking Sumakabilang Bahay Dinamay Pa sa Pagbabanta ang Anak sa Away nila ng Misis Dahil Napahiya

Last February, a distraught housewife named Ariane Ferrera sought the help of Raffy Tulfo to complained about her OFW husband, Jonathan. Apparently, aside from being an irresponsible father, Jonathan is also seeing another woman named Irene Sapanlay, his workmate abroad.

Even though Jonathan has better chances of earning money abroad, Irene refuses to allow him to fly. Being away means that Jonathan will have freedom and Irene claims that he will just return to his old habits of having another woman behind her back. What's even worse is the fact that Jonathan isn't even remorseful for his actions.

At first, Irene was willing to endure it all, but what ultimately broke her was when Jonathan started threatening their four kids. In the chat messages he sent to Irene, Jonathan threatened her and their children, claiming that they will 'suffer.' With a heavy heart, Irene filed a case against her own husband.

Irene decided to postpone the case under the condition that Jonathan will find work to sustain their kids. For the meantime, Irene is willing to leave the country to work for the well-being of her children. On the other hand, Jonathan is unwilling to get back to get back together with his wife.

To his defense, Jonathan claimed that Irene is a nagger who constantly fights with him. Furthermore, he revealed that she can be quite violent whenever they have a confrontation. She also allegedly turns a deaf ear on Jonathan's protests and explanation.

Will Jonathan finally be brought to justice? Is there a chance for Irene to reconcile with her husband? Find out the rest of the story in this video below:

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Source:Youtube/Raffy Tulfo in Action


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