Thursday, 14 March 2019

WATCH | PART.1 & 2 Karibal ko Si Yaya sa Mister ko?

The law is clear regarding the custody of children, especially if they are minors. In case the parents of the children are no longer together, minors must go to their mothers unless she is unable to perform her duties as such. That's why Margel Quibo went straight to Raffy Tulfo to help her get back her twin girls from her former partner, Eddie Genotivo.

At the start, Raffy Tulfo of course sided with the mother when she told the tale that her partner, Eddie, ran off with their kids' yaya and brought their twins with him. According to Margel, she was not allowed to see her kids.

However, when Raffy Tulfo heard Eddie's side, it made him confused and think twice about the whole situation.

You see. as of the moment, both Margel and Eddie have their own partners. Eddie is living with his kids' former yaya, Rodelyn while Margel is now in a relationship with a former lover.

Eddie has some doubts about Margel as his former partner because of issues regarding money. According to Eddie, his own partner used his savings for God knows what. Margel even lied to him that she got held up by crooks and lost 40,000 on the way to their kid's baptism. But Eddie soon learned that Margel just used up all his money as his "housewife".

So what Raffy Tulfo did was to advice them to meet with an MSWD worker to assess Margel's capability as a mother so that she can have her children. Eddie then said that Margel only wanted her twins for his money, because she never did that to her other kids.

That's when Raffy Tulfo was caught off guard. Margel allegedly had 3 other kids from her former partners, but she never had the urge to retrieve them! What's worse, Margel even admitted that one of her kids was already adopted by another former nanny.

Raffy tried to at least make the former partners become friends for the sake of their children, but both of them refused.

Watch the Video Here: PART. 1

Watch the Video Here: PART. 2

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