Friday, 12 April 2019

LOOK | May Banat sa Bashers ang Misis na Huli sa Akto ng Mister na may Kata1ik si Kapitan

Recently, a certain man asks for help to the police to arr3st his wife named Aziel Tubiera who has another aff₳ir which is a barangay captain named Librado Dulay. Both the woman and the aff₳ir were doing something s3xu₳l when the police arr3sted them. The woman, on the other hand, still have gUts to answer the online users who were cr!t1cizing her aside from the m1stake and b₳d things that she has done to her husband.

It can be noticed on the video clip that came from the news in DZRH News that is shared by a certain netizen named Jr Centinio that Aziel and Librado were found in a certain hotel in Nueva Ecija. Her husband and the police were the ones that caught them.

Narito ang orihinal na post:

On the video clip, it can be seen that after they open the door, Aziel was exposed and it was n₳ked while Dulay was found in the comfort room of the hotel and he was hiding there. Both of them were surprised at what was happening.

According to the husband of Aziel, he notices that his wife texting someone when they were riding on a bus to go home. He then sits at the back of the seat of his wife to know who is the person that she was texting and for him to read the message.

Panoorin ang video sa ibaba:

He shared that after they go out on the bus, his wife suddenly dis₳ppeared that’s why he went to the pr3cinct and ask for help to the police to arr3st his wife and the aff₳ir of it. Then, they went to Calapao Hotel and went to the room of Aziel and Captain Dulay.

Meanwhile, Aziel Tubiera sarc₳stically says how grateful she is for those netizens who cr!t1cize her on her Facebook page. She said that it seems that every netizen who judge her is perfect and didn’t do anything b₳d in their lives. She also stated that the only wr0ng thing that she did was she was caught and it looks like there is no rep3ntance that she feels.

Panoorin ang video sa ibaba:

Narito ang mga komento mula kay Aziel :

Source: Facebook/DZRH News Television


  1. Taray pa sumagot itong takwil na babae dka pa nahiya at nass public on air pa kayo God bless both of you!!@😲😲😲

  2. Ang mga babae ngayon talo pa ang lalaki sa pagtataksil. Parang snack/meryenda lang ang sex sa kanila. Kahit harap-harapan tinataihan sa ulo ang mister nila ay okay lang... walang takot! Nasa Diyos ang paghuhukom at pagpaparusa!

    Hebrews 13:4
    Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.

    1. yes marami akong kakilalang ganyang babae,, harap harapan pa nga sa asawa kung mag taksil...