Monday, 29 April 2019

(Video) Charlie Lozada, Napaiyak sa Nais ng mga Anak na Mabuong Muli ang Kanilang Pamilya


Charlie Lozada once again returned using social media after the intr1cate story that happened to Lozada’s family where it became viral before.

In his Facebook account, he uploaded a video of him, sharing that his child wanted to make their family as a whole again. He also shared how kind and loving his children are. In the video clip, he narrated that he was sweeping the dirt on the house and suddenly his child went to him and said, “sorry po hindi na mauulit, hindi na kami magkakalat.”

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He then wonders why his child suddenly say such a thing when in fact he was not m₳d to them. But after a few moments, his child admitted to him that he saw his father crying which Charlie didn’t notice that his child was there, saw him crying because of the b₳d dream that he experienced.

His child then went to him the next day, asking him why he was crying but he denied the claims of his child. He even jokingly said to his child, “Hindi ako iiyak, bakit ako iiyak? Eh I’m the Man!”
However, when his child insisting that he really cried one night because he saw him, he was constrained and finally said the truth.

Charlie was sh0cked and he₳rtbr0ken at the same time because of what his child said to him at such a young age. His child even said to him that he was willing to do everything just to make their family as a whole again. Charlie, on the other hand, quickly run on their comfort room to pull out his emotions.

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His child also asks him if he wanted his mother to come back to them because maybe his kid thinks that the reason why Charlie was crying was because of the l0ss of his wife, Sheerlyn Gerasta who was now happy with another man. Charlie then answered his children and he said that he will give his best and willing to do everything for them.

Charlie also admitted that he was now on the process of moving on but there is still time that he was thinking that their family should be still whole.

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Source: Facebook/Charlie lozada


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