Monday, 15 April 2019

(Photo) Misis na Nahuli na May kasamang iba sa Hotel, Nilagyan ng Sili ang Maselang Bahagi ng Katawan

Relationships are mostly founded on trust and loyalty, Many relationships break because one party or both are not trustworthy enough.

Or it could be that one party or both lack in any respect towards the relationship, hence causing the other to cheat.

One of the most painful part of a cheating scene is when one party literally sees the other doing unscrupulous act with someone else.

That is why some resort to uncalled for means just to satisfy their frustrations or anger towards the unfaithful party.

Just like in the case of this couple whose story went viral online.

On March 22, a Facebook user posted in social media account a photo of a woman whose private parts were filled with red chili pepper.

The face of the persons involved were not shown to the camera though.

According to the post, the girl, who was the wife, was caught with another man inside the hotel by her husband.

Expectedly, the husband was so triggered that he ended up putting chili spice to the sensitive organ of his wife.

Although it has not been verified yet whether the said photo is true or just a prank, netizens who saw the post had mixed reactions regarding the posted photo.

Some said that the act of the husband was too much, while there were also those who said that such action of the husband was just right considering the cheating on his wife.

Here are some of the netizens comments:

What are your thoughts about this?

Source: Facebook


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