Thursday, 13 June 2019

(Video) Homeless Toddler Drinks Water From Milk Bottle, Kindhearted Netizen Buys Her Some Milk

It shows of a homeless father who wears just one slipper but who makes sure his daughter has her own pair of shoes and with decent clothes, The netizen gave the little toddler milk, which made the latter smile so wide.

A father's love knows no bounds. Many would sacrifice so much just so their children could have good lives. While there are those who are fortunate enough, there are also homeless fathers who dignify their role as fathers in their own little ways.

We learned that a netizen captured a father and his little toddler on the streets. The photos and video clips of the father and daughter were shared by Jheff Villasista Balayan on Facebook. Little toddler was drinking water from a milk bottle while her father looks on dejected.

The kindhearted netizen bought her some milk and the smile on the toddler's face was more than enough to bring the netizen happiness.

It could be seen that the father sacrifices a lot for himself just so his daughter could wear the proper clothes and would have shoes to protect her feet.

May those who find the father and daughter extend them some help too. Just like what Facebook user Jheff said, "Sharing of Blessings for All Mankind (S.O.B.F.A.M.)."

May this father and daughter find their way home where they could rest under the comfort of an abode.

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Source: Facebook/Jheff Villasista Balayan

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