Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Ibinahagi ng isang Ginang ang di umano bagong 'MODUS' ng mga Nangunguha ng bata kahit Kasama pa Mismo ito ng Magulang

New Kidnapping Modus Targeting Young Children Exposed by Terrified Mom

A terrified mom identified as Andrea Jane Ciolo Amar exposed the new kidnapping modus operandi used to abduct young children.

A Facebook user named Andrea Jane Ciolo Amar has shared her terrifying experience with a strange woman who tried to abduct her daughter Fiona.

The lady wearing a duster was allegedly following Andrea and her mother-in-law wherever they go.

After a few moments, the woman suddenly grabbed Andrea’s daughter and started to tell people that it was her child.

Luckily, some personnel of the establishment came to help them against the suspect.

Amar also warned the other mothers to take care and take a closer look at their children, especially in public places.

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Source: Facebook/Andrea Jane Ciolo Amar

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