Monday, 10 June 2019

Ping Lacson, Thinks Duterte can be “President for life” if He can Deliver Two of His Promises

Senator Panfilo Lacson believes that President Rodrigo Duterte can qualify to be a ‘president for life’ if he can deliver two of his promises.

In a tweet on Monday, Lacson listed down two promises made by the President which can only be accomplished by a ‘superhuman’.

lIf PRRD delivers on just two promises he recently made: (1) to cut travel time from Cubao to Makati to 5 minutes within 6 months and; (2) to eliminate flight delays in NAIA within one month,” Lacson said.

In an interview over the weekend, the President revealed that there is a possibility to cut down travel time from Makati to Cubao into five minutes.

“You just wait. Ayaw kong mag-ano. Things will improve. Maybe god-willing December smooth sailing na. You don’t have to worry about traffic. Cubao and Makati is just about 5 minutes na lang,” Duterte said.

The President added that this possibility came along after his last visit to China.

Duterte however did not disclose on how he will do it. The President has been asking for emergency powers to solve traffic since assuming office, but Congress failed to give it.

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  1. Yes im very sure na kaya ang 5 minutes.. just think positive what i inspired mr president duterte always think for the good future..